What the Hell

What the Hell

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Auto Correct and Feeling Unvalidated, By a Machine No Less

I hate autocorrect.  I know others who share my feelings, for various reasons.  It's beyond annoying when you are typing a text message, an email or in the midst of a chat and it "corrects" itself to what it thinks you must mean to say.  How presumptuous.  And how much do we hate it when an actual real life person does the same thing?  Anticipating what we are going to say, or what they think we meant to say, or not listening at all.  Maybe that's the root of it....being blown off, disregarded, not validated.  Because that's what we all desperately crave; it's part of the human condition.  Something a computer or piece of software could never understand.  I have enough issues with feeling like I'm not being listened to; I don't need my inanimate electronic possessions to add fuel to that fire.  On my phone I can't turn it off except to disable it before typing each message; who can remember to do that?  On my laptop I can't find where or how to disable it, although I'm sure there must be a way to.  Surely, there must!  It's not that I always know my own mind; I realize that is hardly even possible on most days, it's just that I don't want a machine telling me what I am thinking.  So there.  I'm thru with this conversation.  And I DO MEAN thru.  

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